It (2017)

January 6, 2018 at 8:54 am (me, muvi, myself and I)

It 2017

So i finally saw the remake of It.

No one can exceed the great performance of Tim Curry. He is and always will be Pennywise (except the time that he`ll be dr. Frank-N-Furter).

But this remake of It, beside the fact that changed the whole story, and gave us a fantastic outlook on things and story line, can be seen as a good perspective on things.

Even though, at the end, the violence shown by the kids is most outrageous, and even though the movie doesn`t keep the original plot line of the first It or the book, i must say that from the visual point of view it has been enhanced gracefully. But of course that could be because we live in a technological era and that this kind of stuff can be easily done by pushing some buttons. But the visuals that came out are pretty awesome, and can not easily be forgotten. Oh, wait, what was i talking about? Yes. They can be forgotten. You can relate the fears that each and every one of the kids nightmarish appearance in all sort of other movies.

It probably can be watched again, after a few years, just for a comparison (again) with the classic. But i will not feel the same enthusiasm as i felt when i watched the original. As it happened to not be felt this first watch.

All in all, a good remake, but some movies were better have been left alone.


And since we`re talking about movies that have to be left alone as they once were, i`m curious how the new Suspiria will be.


Unfortunately, this remake left me with a bitter taste.


Picture from IMDB.


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The secret life of Walter Mitty

December 31, 2017 at 9:58 am (me, muvi, myself and I)

the secret life of walter mitty.jpg

We all daydream. We all want to travel and see the world. We all want to be much more “muchier” as the Mad Hatter said. And Walter did it.

This is a movie that can show it`s not that big of a deal. We just have to have the courage to take that chance, that opportunity, that moment and grasp it and hold it and go.

Walter was just a regular guy, working in a regular office and had regular problems. And a girl change that. As, the feeling of falling in love with someone really gets you do stuff you weren`t able to do before. And of course Bowie, we all just love Space Oddity.

And when his job is threatened he starts off to get the last piece of the puzzle that was missing in his life. He goes to Greenland, to Iceland, to Afghanistan. He fights off a shark, he was right in the middle of a volcanic eruption, he saw a ghost cat and he met with the man that he admired for all his life. And in return he found himself being admired and he found out that was he was missing in his life was him. There. In that exact moment.

This is a really good movie if you want to see a really exaggerated reality and yet, to see that nothing is more important in life than yourself in the moment.

Picture from IMDB.

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Why horror?

December 29, 2017 at 8:22 pm (cult, me, muvi, myself and I)

why horror

So i`ve stumble upon this one a few months ago. Although i consider myself a fan of the horror genre, i haven`t seen this one up to now. And i know, to expand my shame more, i haven`t seen a lot of classic horror movies. But i`m getting there, one by one.

This movie is exactly what i had to see to understand more why i love horror movies. Because not even to this day i have no idea why i am attracted to this genre. From ghosts, to zombies, to monsters, to gore, to all sorts of horror, i like the rush that it gives me, i like to feel the scare, i even like the ones that are so bad that make me laugh and even see what it coming next.

Even to this day i can remember my first horror movie. I was around 6 or 7 and it was summer. I know this because i was sleeping in the kitchen (it was way cooler that any other room in the apartment) and i had my sofa all made up. And i remember that we had this box that contained a tv, a radio and a tape recorder all together. And the tv, even though it was small, it was a color one. So it was late, and i was with my mom, and i was browsing through a tv magazine and i saw this really weird title “the night of the living dead” and i said to my mom “let`s watch this one!”. And we flipped the channels and watched it. I remember that i was so amazed by the movie that at the end i started crying and my mom asked why was i crying, and i just said “i don`t want all the zombies gone!”.

In “Why horror?” Eli Roth mentioned that children love fairy tales and that the fairy tales are dark. As i child i didn`t read fairy tales. I read my first Grimm tale when i was around 12. So i have no idea what made it click to me.

I know that after i watched “Jaws” i refused to enter water. And i live near the sea. And it`s a sea, no sharks, nothing dangerous was going to come from beneath and bite my leg off. But the fear that it gave me, and those two notes, God! Every time i went to the beach i heard those two notes in my head. It was horrifying. Even now, as an adult (as i like to consider myself) i still hear those notes.

I like that in “Why horror?” they explain that going out on a date to see a horror movies, the chances of hooking up are bigger than going to see a love story or whatever else. But i didn`t like the part where they said that the statistics show that men like women who got scared more to those that enjoyed horror movies. There i have it! Next stop: let`s get me some cats!

As “Why horror?” clearly states, we can see horror in all forms of art and culture (paintings, literature, music, clothing style, video games and so on). It shows how every culture see death, how they react to it. It has also a feature with female horror directors, to open your mind and make you see that even women like horror and they can even make them!

I can say that this movie is one of the best created, documented and expressed up to now, that helps horror fans not to feel so stigmatized by others, by all those that think that if you watch horror it must mean that is something wrong with you.

You just have to watch this. If you are at the beginning of your “horror watching career” it may give you some great tips on what to watch next movie night.


Picture from IMDB.

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Perfetti sconosciuti

August 16, 2017 at 6:40 pm (Uncategorized)

Perfetti sconosciuti

Perfect strangers. The best title. Amazing story. Amazing ending.

This one might be the best i`ve ever seen in a looooong time.

It all comes down to one device we use all the time. Even on the toilet. The mobile phone. The greatest invention that man could have possible created. The one thing that can destroy all that we created in a glimpse of an eye.

We all have playing truth or dare.

During a total eclipse of the moon, seven friends decide to have a dinner party. During dinner they start to play a dangerous game: putting the phones on the table and reading out loud all the e-mails, texts, whatsapp messages they get, and even putting on speaker all phone calls they receive.

From this moment, a lot of secrets come to the light. Secret about relationships at work, between friends and even about their sexual orientation.

It`s really hard to be true to yourself, so how can you be true to your significant other, not even to mention your friends? During the dinner everyone finds out how shallow, cruel, selfish and down-right hypocrite.

This one goes up to my top 10 favorite movies of all time. I strongly recommend it.


Picture from IMDB.

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Killing Ground…

August 15, 2017 at 6:06 pm (me, muvi, myself and I)

killing ground

All of us go on vacation. While there are some that like the comfort of a hotel, some of us like the comfort of a tent in the wilderness.

The wilderness can be a place where you can unplug yourself from the busy city life and reconnect with your inner self. The only condition is that you go far away from the city and deep into the wilderness. This condition can be a double blade: on one side it can be heaven on earth and find peace in the most beautiful places, but on the other hand you can expect a scenario like the one in this movie.

This movie, as we can see a quote on the cover, “will have you vowing never to go camping again.”

The way that we see the two stories told in parallel, takes things to a different level.

So, the plot looks like this: we see a family that goes camping near a lake inside a forest – mother, father, a teenage girl and a baby boy. The girl suffers from some sort of bad dreams. And she is clearly shaken from this even if she is awake. And then we see a young couple that decides to go camping in the same place that the family has their tent. And we watch how the young couple set their stuff near the family’s tent and wonder where they are. It`s not that until the next day they get a bit alarmed when they go check it out and find the tent all messed up inside. They decide to go back to the city when they find the baby boy wondering alone. That`s when the shitty things get revealed. Two “hunters”, from which one of them just got out from jail, have their little boar hunting trips near the lake. That`s when they find the family and decide to abuse the women and play some can-shooting games. As a result, the girl is knocked out from all the raping, the mother and father are shot and the baby boy is out of reach.

One of the hunters comes back the next day, finds the couple and the baby boy, decides to go with the guy in search for the parents and from here everything is just another hunting and survival experience.

I can only say that the baby boy, that survived despite all odds, is left in a scene breathing and baby-moaning on the ground in the forest, the hunters are dead and the last scene we see is of the young couple in the hospital alive.


My first reaction is: what happened with the baby? How in blazes do they end the movie like that?


All in all, it`s a spine chilling movie, a cruel thing that can happen on every trail you take (chances are 1 in a billion, most likely, but there is a slight chance), and, even though it`s a scenery that has been used in many movies, it still makes you reconsider who do you take with you and where you go camping.


Picture from IMDB.

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Short horror movies

July 30, 2017 at 1:24 pm (me, muvi, myself and I)

As a “normal” human being, i have an instagram account. Mostly for pictures of what i see and how i see them, nothing spectacular.

And lately i`ve been “followed” by some horror movie fans/addicts/whatever you want to call them. And i saw on their page some pretty interesting stuff. 80% of what i saw up to now, and the rest of 20% consists of most new stuff – some good, some bad. Depends now on each individuals` taste.

But there was one that caught my attention above the others. The page was filled with indie horror movies – long and short ones.

Therefore, i would like to make my list of short movies seen up to now, in no particular order:

Now, there are more, for sure, but i`ve just got my hands on these ones… For sure, i`ll come back with more.


Links from our personal favourite Youtube.


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All is lost

July 23, 2017 at 9:14 am (me, muvi, myself and I)

all is lost.jpg

This may be one of the best on sea movies i`ve watched up to now.

The one-man story is so thrilling that gives you goose bumps all the way. Well, not all the way, until the end.

Due to the fact that it`s an american movie, we are expected to see a happy ending. But the suffering along the 90 first minutes is so horrifying that will make you wish you`d never go on a sail boat ever!

The amazing part that i loved about this movie is the calm that Robert Redford had during all the mishaps.

Thrilling and in some parts horrifying, we feel for the poor guy all the way.

And i mentioned above that until the end everything is as chilling as it can get, because the end is typically american. The guy accepts his fate of not being rescued and almost surrenders to Davy Jones’ Locker, when he sees a light in the water from a boat approaching and looking for him, after he sets accidentally his raft on fire.


One thing though:

  • the guy took out a flare to signal his position where he was on a raft in plane sight of a vessel. Two night in a row. No one saw him. No one came to rescue him.
  • now, “Article 11 of the Brussels Convention provides: “Every master is bound, so far as he can do so without serious danger to his vessel, her crew and passengers, to render assistance to everybody, even though an enemy, found at sea in danger of being lost.” Article 11 also provides that a vessel owner is not liable for the master’s failure to render the required aid.”
  • also, on the same site, it is mentioned the following: “There are few cases addressing breach of the duty to rescue persons in distress at sea. Buffalo Law Review commentator Patrick J. Long reasoned in The Good Samaritan and Admiralty: A Parable of a Statute Lost At Sea: “Dead men tell no tales. Nor do they sue. Only those castaways who survive, and who can identify a passing ship, would be able to sue the ship’s captain for leaving them behind. A decedent’s family would have little means of discovering which ships may have passed by a loved one.” Despite what might seem to be unambiguous international and federal obligations to rescue persons in danger at sea, the courts have not been uniform when analyzing those obligations.

And I know for sure that there are shifts for the command when the captain is resting. So how in hell can you leave a man stranding in the middle of the ocean when he clearly is in plain sight? Not to mention that the raft was orange…

This movie deserves a watch regarding your preferences in movies.


Picture from IMDB.

Italic writing” from Pacmar.


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Before and After

July 9, 2017 at 8:02 am (me, muvi, myself and I)

Before and after

What do you do, as a parent, when the police comes to your door insinuating that your son is a killer?

This is the plot. This is the situation that the parents in this movie have to face.

When your child is running away, you don`t know the truth, you deliberately burn some evidence that might or might not incriminate your son, you have to face the over thinking people in your town.

Now, as a side note, i am no parent, but i strongly will say that if my child will ever do something that morally is not ok, i will personally take him to the station. I strongly admit that even if it would be my child that has done something wrong, he/she will have to take responsibility, due to the fact that in the end, we are all human beings trying to live on this planet.

Back to the movie: not even when the son get caught and tells the truth to the parents (it was just an accident) they do not act in a right way, covering for him and fighting for his freedom by lying, until the end, when finally everything comes out in front of everyone.

This is a movie that will make you question twice justice, parenting and protection.


Image from IMDB.


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The bad seed

July 9, 2017 at 7:49 am (me, muvi, myself and I)

the bad seed

From 1956 comes a cult movie.

Not so many heard of this one, but i can assure you it will worth you time. 2 hours spent in the most horrifying, thrilling way.

It touches so many psychological subjects and it describes on-going a new form of serial killer profile.

Let`s imagine a cute little 8 year old girl, with a perfect curtsy, with a perfect smile, with an abundant social life. And we take this girl and we turn her into a spoiled rotten brat, with a great touch of perfectionism, a big ego and an impeccable cunning disguise. From these we get a start of a new form of serial killer.

Beside this charming girl, Norman Bates and Henry (Portrait of a serial killer) type, we have the mother.

Now for her i would like to remind you of “Before and After”. In the same situation, the parent protects his child,  until the end where everything right is done.

This movie will give you questions and answer some of them.

And, as Jim Vorel said once: “The Bad Seed is about the horrors of responsibility as a parent, when there’s something you know needs to be done but the act of carrying it out is something the world will never be able to understand.

Image from IMDB.



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À l’intérieur

July 9, 2017 at 7:24 am (me, muvi, myself and I)


“Inside” is a horror that will make you cringe from the beginning until the end.

The plot follows a woman caught in a car crash leaving, as we know of, no survivors but her and her unborn child.

The action itself takes place inside her home where she is imprisoned by a woman whose motive is to take her unborn child right out of her womb.

Due to the fact that we see the main character will a strong will to live; the action and reactions are as real as they get, with no flaw, from my part.

Please be prepared for a bloody movie. And when i say bloody, it mean tons of blood. Mainly when the intruder curt the woman open to reach for her child.


The only question that i have is this:

– when the young cop and his prisoner check for the fuse box, we see that at his head is a gun pointing. The next thing, we hear two gun shots. Before the end we see him turn on the lights, with no head shot, but some odd black eyes. And he starts hitting the pregnant woman right in her belly. Now, please, enlighten me: how in hell did he got back to life, how the hell was he supposed to be killed and why the hell was he hitting the unborn child?

With this, i give you a last warning: this is not for the faint of heart, but if you are up to a bloody-gore-horror movie, have a pleasant watch.


Image from IMDB.

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